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GP-I01 Innovate Motorsports LC-2 Digital Wideband Lambda O2 Controller Kit (8ft) P/N 3877

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LC-2: Complete Lambda Cable Kit (8 ft.). Includes: LC-2 Controller, Bosch Wideband O² Sensor, 8 Ft. Sensor Cable (Overall length 10 ft.), 1" Mild-Steel Exhaust Bung, *Program Cable, & Manual.

Innovate Motorsports say:

"The evolution of the world’s most popular stand alone digital O² sensor controller, the Innovate Motorsports LC-2 builds upon the legacy of the LC-1 by adding simplicity and leading edge technology. The LC-2 utilizes the only 100% digital wideband air/fuel ratio technology on the market! The LC-2’s patented award-winning DirectDigital™ signal processing technology provides data on exactly how rich or lean an engine is running at any load. The LC-2’s self-calibrating circuitry also compensates for changes in temperature, altitude, and sensor condition. The LC-2 includes a digital input/output, 2 full-programmable analog outputs, and is ideal for applications such as dynamometers, data acquisition systems, standalone ECUs, and gauges."

We say:

"An ideal companion for GaugePilot where you wish to datalog and display Air Fuel Ratio (Lambda) as one of GaugePilot's gauges.

Connect the digital output to a GaugePilot serial channel. If using more than one Innovate MTS product (such as the TC-4 for quad thermocouples for CHT and EGT, and/or multiple LC-2) chain all the Innovate MTS products together (digital output of one device to the next device's digital input) and connect the final output to a GaugePilot serial channel."

Note the LC-2 uses the later Molex 4-pin connectors, rather than the earlier 2.5mm TRS connectors of the TC-4 and SSI-4. No patch lead is provided in the box with which to connect to another LC-2 or to a TC-4.

Use our GP-IA11 cable, together with a GP-IA01 (Molex-to-Molex link lead) to connect to the GaugePilot. See also our GP-IA03 (2.5mm TRS to GaugePilot) and GP-IA01 (Molex to Molex link lead) cables to connect other sensors into the MTS chain.