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A digital recreation of the original 1950's mechanical average speed computer - track your progress using the precision of the GaugePilot Rally Engine™ with the classic style of the original Halda SpeedPilot.

Drive - As long as you keep to the average speed the minute hand and pilot hand will synchronise - exactly if you are on schedule. If not, the hands will separate and will show directly in minutes how far ahead or behind the required arrival time you are.

Target Speed - your required target speed can be set to 1/4 mph/kph accuracy. Speed changes within stage can be easily pre-selected and entered and activated via the Gaugepilot control knobs, with on-screen helpers guiding you at every step.

Trip - the trip odometer can be reset independently of the average speed calculation to allow interval resets at the roadbook tulips.

Total Trip - the total trip readout can be reset directly with in the application for ease on the starting line. As with all GaugePilot Rally Applications Total Trip Reset is protected by an additional step to protect against an accidental total trip reset that might ruin your event.

Take control - determine the average speed required to reach your destination on schedule. Set the speed hand to the desired average. Set the tripmeter to zero. JUST AS YOU START : Zero your average-speed Delta.

Linked - The SpeedPilot interval odometer is common with the interval odometer in all the rally applications giving the ability to easily switch between applications whilst keeping on track.

SpeedPilot is one of many Rally Computer Applications included on GaugePilot Classic and Rally models.