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Enjoy peace of mind that GaugePilot is constantly monitoring the critical outputs of your car's engine

Sunny days, passion and spirited drives are what classic cars are all about, but as we age, so does our car's instrumentation. Today we are accustomed to having our vehicle's electronic brain keeping watch on our daily transport. GaugePilot has been engineered to bring you the benefits of modern electronic monitoring, but in an instrument that matches the style and quality materials of classic motoring. 

The classic Halda SpeedPilot was renowned for its successes in the the world of rallying, but was also an accessory for the everyday driver to help with managing progress on the newly built motorways of the day. 

Today GaugePilot, crafted by British engineers, brings the classic motorist:-

Classic gauges, with on screen and/or audible alerts. You are informed immediately that something is wrong and can safely stop in plenty of time to lessen the likelihood of expensive engine damage. Lights-on and battery voltage monitoring are included as standard; GaugePilot also has ambient temperature monitoring and ice risk warning for your added safety.

When touring, easily switch GaugePilot’s speedometer from miles to kilometres and set your speed warning to the enforced limit. 

Service Reminders help you build reliability and promote safety by storing all maintenance information and GaugePilot alerts you when routine service or inspection is due.

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