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Innovate Motorsports Compatible

GaugePilots with digital interfaces (that is all models except for the Clubman) are compatible with the Innovate Motorsports Modular Tuning System (MTS).

This allows additional gauge data to be brought into your GaugePilot for gauge display, Vehicle Protection System alerts, and internal datalogging

Innovate Motorsports products include:-

  • LC-2 Wideband Air Fuel Ratio / Lambda Sensor (for AFR measurements)
  • TC-4 (plus) Quad Thermocouple Interface (for CHT / EGT measurements)
  • SSI-4 (plus) Quad 0-5V Interface (for Temperature and/or Pressure measurements, or RPM)

Your GaugePilot has two AFR gauge channels, 4 CHT channels, and 4 EGT channels, 5 temperature channels (ambient, coolant, oil, intake, gearbox), 3 pressure channels (Oil, Fuel, and Boost), and the RPM channel to which digital MTS data can be individually routed.

The Innovate MTS data is seamlessly integrated with data from your GaugePilot's own internal sensors. Gauges can be displayed in pairs and alerts set at the threshold you choose.

What Innovate say:


All Innovate products are completely modular, enabling you to build the perfect tuning system for your needs. The MTS is scalable, and all components share a common digital communications protocol. A simple and common configuration is an MTX-L gauge for A/F monitoring. An more complex setup might include an LC-2 on every cylinder, a LM-2 for recording, two TC-4's for exhaust gas temperature (or CHT), an AuxBox (LMA-3) for intake and turbo temp, speedo & TPS, and lastly an MTX-L to monitor the data in real-time.