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GaugePilot Care

Every GaugePilot instrument comes with 12 months GaugePilot Care ensuring you receive factory support right from the start.

Unlike other instruments GaugePilot is constantly evolving with new applications and functionality for each model and its software can be updated.

Included with in the care package is:

  • Free software updates if your unit is returned to the factory for service.
  • Support via email or telephone for any technical queries.
  • If you should damage your GaugePilot on an event  - we will ship a replacement instrument to you anywhere in the world. 
  • 1:1 Training at GaugePilot HQ.

We are not only passionate and care about building high quality instruments, but are also passionate about classic cars and you will often find us at events worldwide. We can’t be at every event but are alway on the end of a telephone or available via email or Facebook.