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Period Perfect


You may not realise it, but the GaugePilot has a period-perfect design.

Back in the 1950's a company called Halda made a mechanical product called the SpeedPilot which assisted drivers in maintaining a programmed average speed, and became popular with rallyers (though not as popular as their Twinmaster). See the period photo of one fitted to a Porsche 356.



The Halda SpeedPilot was even fitted as standard by the factory to the Saab Granturismo 750.

Our GaugePilot is physically interchangeable with the SpeedPilot, including the mounting straps, and our accessory mounting brackets. Every part of your GaugePilot is 100% new, with knobs, bubble screen, and cases designed with attention to detail, and manufactured with care, to give that period perfect look. After all, who would want to put an ugly modern lump of moulded plastic in their period-perfect classic vehicle?