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GaugePilot can display up to 24 different gauges using a mixture of directly and indirectly connected sensors. (Note that the Clubman model only supports directly connected sensors and is limited to 8 gauges)

Choose from a range of Temperature Gauges, Pressure Gauges, Speedometer, Rev Counter, Air Fuel Ratio, and more.

Choose between metric and imperial units, for temperature, pressure, and speed, or perhaps you wish for the clarity of a digital speedometer? Set up your GaugePilot gauges exactly how you want them to be.

Our standard Gauge faces are reminiscent of the classic Smiths gauge style used in many classics.

Digitally re-created, our gauges are accurately calibrated across their operating range, and are the perfect way to add accessory gauges to your classic.

Directly connect two temperature and one pressure sensor, as well as RPM from the coil, speed from the wheel pulse sensor, and fuel level from a dedicated sender. Indirectly, connect Air Fuel Ratio (LC-2), Thermocouple (TC-4), and 0-5V inputs (SSI-4) using the Innovate Motorsports MTS protocol.

All the data sent to the gauges can also be used by the built-in datalogger and alert system, giving you coolant temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, and battery voltage warnings amongst others.

Available Temperature gauges (choose celsius or farenheit in preferences):-

Available Pressure gauges (choose BAR or PSI in preferences):-

Fuel Level, Volts (choose 6V or 12V), RPM (choose 7K or 10K gauge in preferences), Speedometer (choose MPH or KPH, digital or analogue in preferences):-

Two channels of Air Fuel Ratio available via digital interface from Innovate Motorsports LC-1 or LC-2 (and digital messages interpreted and displayed):-

Four channels of CHT (Cylinder Head Temperature) and EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) available via digital interface from Innovate Motorsports TC-4 (choose celsius or fahrenheit):-