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GaugePilot Heritage

GaugePilot is a finely crafted British product manufactured in the south-west of England.

Development first began way back in 2006 when Simon embarked on a journey to make a discrete multi-function gauge display for his own classic car. Later discussions with Nigel, regarding his need for gauges in a period-correct vehicle interior, led to a reinvention of the original concept. Nigel and Simon joined forces, and the GaugePilot as you see it today was born.

We’ve taken great pleasure in meticulously engineering the GaugePilot, and it is designed to appeal to those who share our passion for modern gadgets concealed by heritage detailing. We hope you enjoy the same satisfaction when you get hands-on with a GaugePilot as we do creating each and every one.

We, like you, are classic car enthusiasts.

Who are we?

We have both held a variety of senior engineering and technology positions in large companies whose products and technologies you interact with every day.

Simon studied at the University of Bradford, gaining 1st class honours in Electronic, Communication, and Computer Systems Engineering, and a subsequent post-graduate Master of Engineering degree in the same. A career in consumer electronics followed, starting with developing Digital TV Receivers. The knowledge gained saw Simon move up the supply chain to support the design of Digital TV Receivers and DVD Players by major European consumer electronics companies for a north-american semi-conductor (chip) provider, and then onto specifying the functionality contained within the chips themselves. Ultimately this led to a position directing business development for communications technology for a FTSE-listed Intellectual Property licensing company, and licensing that technology around the globe. Simon is also a member of the IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology)

“The further I grew from creating physical products, the less satisfying work became. Fortunately I’d always kept hands-on within my increasingly senior roles, whilst also working on hobbyist projects - which is from where GaugePilot evolved”.

Nigel's mechanical and production engineering career started hands-on on the shop floor within the Pharmaceutical industry. A boyhood interest in aviation was then satisfied working as a hydraulic flight control technician on Tornado and Harrier jets and Lynx helicopters, followed by production engineering positions within three of the biggest brewers in the UK and Ireland. In 1996, with the shift from vinyl to CDs becoming apparent, an opportunity was offered to head up engineering at Europe's largest entertainment distributor, which Nigel grasped

 “The rate of growth in this sector at the time was astronomical and very exciting, we adopted new technologies and applications that gave us new ways of handling product and the whole logistics supply chain”.

Nigel's work during this time led to Chartered membership of the Institute of Logistics and Transport.

Nigel has always had a strong passion for classic cars, and racing them, and understands what is needed to deliver success and reliability in this arena.

In 2003 Nigel fell severely ill and as the illness progressed had to retire at the age of 41 on the advice of medical professionals. Even though on many days Nigel could not even get out of bed, his mind was still active and many ideas were born. One idea was a data logger disguised as a period classic car accessory. An introduction through a joint classic car club acquaintance led to a meeting at Sammy Miller’s Motorcycle Museum where GaugePilot was born.

A British Company

Engineering and manufacturing have been a very british trade, but ones that have increasingly been lost abroad.

Our goal for GaugePilot has been to retain the engineering and manufacturing process within the UK and locally to the south-west of England where possible.

We are proud to have meticulously designed and engineered the GaugePilot, right here in the UK. With a focus on the quality of our engineering and ensuring a proper heritage feel and period detailing. Engineering not only by ourselves but also by the experts and engineers within the UK manufacturing partners and consultants we employ.

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